Meet Sebastian Kapp Lindquist!! 🏈

4/3-2021 skrevet af Phillip Garcia

What is your football position? 
- Defensive End but can also do OLB or tackle 

What is your favorite food?
- Flødekartofler (Creamy potatoes) 

What is your favorite music or game day song to listen to? 
- For gameday it would be anything by rage against the machine 

How long have you been playing American football? 
- 4 years 

What is your favorite American football memory you have? 
- Last season I had a game where I got 3 tackles for loss in like 6 plays, and plenty more tackles. I feel like it was one of my best games even though I got hit in the head in the 4th quarter and was out for the last part of the game. 

What is your favorite NFL football team? 
- Carolina Panthers 

Who’s your favorite NFL football player? 
- Luke Kuechly 

Why do you like playing American football? 
- It is fun, difficult and I love the physicality of the game. 

What are your goals for this upcoming season? 
- Being a better player than last season. 

What color is money? 
- The numbers are black in my bank account so I´m gonna go with that. 

If you had a choice between two superpowers, being invisible or flying, which would you choose? 
- Invisible, because I´m afraid of heights